Taizhou, CHINA
Concept design, signage and wayfinding

Opening 2008

Remodeling 2018

7 000 GLA

65 Shops

Global design

The project involved the renovation of the existing building and its façade, the landscaping of the site’s surroundings, the complete redistribution of the ground floor including the commercial cells, the design of the signage, the design of an innovative customer path whose ambition was to create constant surprise and wonder by proposing a new organisation of the alley between the department store and the commercial alcove.

Inspired by the spring in Thaizou, the project offers the customer an original experience, playing on the play of perception between inside and outside. This is made possible by the architecture of the building and its curtain wall, which allowed us to theatrically display the vertical circulation spaces with windows that create coloured and moving shadows throughout the day and are a source of surprise and wonder for the customers.

On the ground floor, the lines of the ceiling and the column cladding echo the exterior fittings in a stylised vocabulary to invite people to stroll around in a commercial space that breaks the usual linear path of the promenade.