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ID-wad is a global design agency founded in 2007 that operates in the world providing service of strategic design consulting in interior design and design, project management, furniture design, industrial design, graphic design, signage design …

ID-wad DNA


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Trust is at the heart of any relationship and it comes through listening. Listening is the the root that bring strength to a project and a collaboration, listening is needed to understand the concerns and expectations of our customers and our employees, listening is the cement of the development, listening is for us what is necessary to continue the learning and for this we constantly learn to listen.

“Never say never”

For ID-wad team, daring is daring to think and act differently to prove ourself that nothing is impossible.
ID-wad design thinking targets to create and shape the future of our environment through projects full of ambitions. Imagining, designing and producing differently is the D.N.A. that compose our projects and make them specials.

“to adapt is to be adopted”

Nourished by our experiences, our research, our curiosity, our constant open-mindedness and our adaptability our creative approach is always up to expectations due to the adjustment of our reflections, whether it is innovative, functional, surprising, aesthetic or efficient. What is essential for ID-wad is knowing how to act, be flexible and have the agility to adapt to the circumstances, situations, requirements and priorities needed for each project.


Raphaël Bouchemousse

Interior architect & General manager

The founder and creative director Raphael Bouchemousse graduated in 2003 from the famous Ecole Camondo in Paris with diploma in interior architecture, design and visual communication, he is CFAI qualified with No. 1139.

“Architecture and design, a creative approach but above all an ability to adapt.”

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