Volgograd, RUSSIA
Concept design, branding, signage, wayfinding, graphic material and author surveillance

Opening 2013

92 000 GLA

197 Shops

Global design

Each project has its own poetry, and here we invite you to a colourful journey along the banks of the Volga. Each floor of this shopping centre has been designed in a different way to offer an experience in line with the project’s theme “I want to come, stop, stay and come back”.
The Aquarelle Volgograd shopping centre is both a commercial and a social space, which develops from a central atrium of dizzying proportions.
The first level, which we will call “the river”, is the level of mass consumption, constantly in motion, and is made up of two shopping galleries, one dedicated to the family and the other to men and sport. One is transported by the flow of consumption.
The second level, the “banks”, houses a shopping mall that offers a warm and elegant atmosphere. Here you can stroll through the corridors overlooking the bustling ground floor to discover the latest fashions.
The third level, which represents the “clouds”, is dedicated to the food court and leisure activities, a space between heaven and earth where one comes to meet with friends or family before going to the cinema or to the leisure centre, with eyes lost in the sky.